Friday, 16 June 2017

Exceptionally good FM-skip conditions during the week - China reached on FM!

DX-camp Poroniemi-1 is closed on Friday 16.6.2017 - Utö2017 later on Sunday 18.6.2017.

The conditions during the week have been on a crazy level! The two DX-groups have never before faced this kind of signal-sequencies - from early morning till late evening on many days! Only one silent day.

We had nice openings to all over Europe almost every day - and also douple-skips to North Africa, Middle East, Russia and even China.

Poronniemi's higlights were China on at least 3 frequencies, long Middle East opening (Syria, Jordania, Saudi Arabia etc.) - also South Spain douple hop -opening was up. Norway and Denmark were rare short skips!

Utö2017-group had nice douple hops to Algeria, Tunisia, Cyprus, deep Turkey and very nice opening to UK and Ireland and Balkan etc. New stations in a row on the RDS screens!

Both camps have recorded SDR bandwidhts with many computers (2 - 10 MHz), so there will be new discoveries later from harddisks during the winter.

This summer has been the best FM-season so far during my 40 year long FM-DX-history. (I heard my first E-skips on 24.6.1976 and I have never been on this kind of conditions / by Harri Kujala, HKU).

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